For 26 years by your side,
SOOSAN INT has grown with traffic analysis technology.

We have silently walked our way in the SWG field based on our unrivaled traffic analysis technology.
By your side in the next 26 years, We will provide a safe internet life with network web security and ISP communication services.

Integrated Internet Access Management Solution
eWalker SWG

Increase network security by blocking harmful information sites,
and increase work efficiency by controlling Internet access.

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Getting Started with Encryption Traffic Management
ePrism SSL VA

If you can't see it, you can't block it.
You can respond to network security threats through SSL encryption traffic decoding.
Secure SSL visibility with convenient integration without network load.

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About us

SOOSAN INT is developing technology and services with the goal of 'a clean Internet world created by technological innovation'.

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Introducing SOOSAN INT, a small network company with unrivaled traffic analysis technology

eWalker SWG

Check out Internet access management solutions that increase security and efficiency by blocking harmful sites.


Check out SSL visibility solutions that enable you to manage encryption traffic with great connectivity and performance.


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