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Based on Real Time White URL technology, eWalker WAF reduces false positives and processing time to implement safe web services. Provide active defense against malicious attacks.

Attacks and security threats against web services are constantly increasing. Because existing network security solutions cannot protect potential vulnerabilities in web applications that implement web services.

For web attack protection and server protection, eWalker WAF provides accurate understanding of web application characteristics and traffic analysis.

Main function

Web attack detection and protection
Block personal information leakage
Anti Web DoS


Support for safe web service operation
  • Allows normal web service requests, detects and blocks web server attacks
  • Protect web applications vulnerable to potential attacks
Ensure high-level security
  • Convenient security management support such as real-time monitoring and warning response
  • Response to security threats such as the latest web attacks and new DoS attacks


Web attack detection and defense
  • OWASP Top 10 and Response to 8 Vulnerabilities of National Cyber Safety Center
  • Collection of the latest web attack patterns and policy application reflecting analysis of SANS and National Intelligence Service
  • Real-time detection and blocking of Anti Web DoS such as HTTP(S) Get Flood
  • Automatic web attack tool detection and defense
  • HTTP(S) brute force attack detection and defense
Rapid defense without interruption in the learning period
  • Independently developed White URL technology
  • Support defense without stopping the detection of learning time
Block personal information leakage
  • Automatic blocking of intentional/unintentional leakage of personal information
Various configuration support
  • In-Line Mode, Out of Path Mode support
  • Full High Availability, Multi Network configuration support
Support various policies
  • Role-based administrator access control support
  • Independent policy operation support for each server
Encrypted traffic response
  • SSL encrypted traffic processing response
  • SSL Offloading function support

Product Line Up

small scale network
medium scale network
large scale network