Mobile Child Care

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Prevent smartphone addiction + Child protection + Block harmful content

Developing correct habits of using smartphone

Service Overview

Mobile Child Care is a mobile-specific service that blocks access to harmful sites and restricts the use of harmful applications.

It protects children and teenagers from adult content, social media, and videos, and helps kids to establish good habits of Internet usage from an early age.

Since its launch as the first ISP add-on service in Korea in 2011, Mobile Child Care has been provided as a service for education devices, as an application and other various formats for use as an add-on with global ISPs.

  • Blocks harmful content from over 10 million URLs
  • Blocks harmful/adult content on smartphones
  • Allows management of smartphone use time and application usage
  • Blocks harmful/adult content on wireless networks
  • Provides smartphone management via an app

Service Features

Harmful/Adult Content Blocking

  • Blocks access to adult content.
  • Blocks harmful/adult related applications.
  • Prevents playback of adult videos.

Parental Controls

  • Smartphone use time.
  • Block or allow individual applications.
  • Manage user customized Apps.

Child Protection

  • Provides information about current location and recent routes.
  • Provides alerts about school violence.

Current Deployment

All&G Child Care
All&G Child Care
Adult content blocking and app use management service for educational tablets provided by KYOWON in Korea.