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ewalker DLP v9
e walker DLP
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Network-based data loss prevention system that analyzes and blocks information leakage through email and messenger loggings. It also supports cloud environments to help prevent information leakage accidents that are increasing day by day.

The leakage of personal information and company confidentiality through network services including email and messenger is the biggest threat to corporate security. Also, with the expansion of the cloud based service, internal information leakage paths have become more diverse.

eWalker DLP can check the contents received and sent from the outside, prevent leakage of personal and internal information through web services in advance, and analyze the leakage route.

Main function

Webmail incoming and outgoing logging
Messenger incoming and outgoing logging
Cloud upload logging


Enhance security compliance
  • Under the reinforced personal information protection law, it is possible to search and prevent various personal information leakage routes in advance.
Minimize damage caused by information leakage
  • Enterprise data asset protection
  • Prevention of compensation for damages and punishment of management due to personal information leakage


Logging and blocking of various web services
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP support and in-house webmail (for customizing) support
  • Supports various webmails such as Gmail, Naver, Daum, Oiffce365
  • Supports various messengers such as Slack, Hangouts, Skype, and Workspace
  • Supports various web hard such as Naver Cloud, iCloud, OneDrive, Drobox, and web hard
  • Supports FTP and various work sharing tools such as Trello, Workspace, ASANA, etc.
Big data log processing
  • High-performance, large-scale analysis support and audit log accumulation
  • Supports log detection and detailed search of various conditions
Convenient policy setting and management page
  • Supports company employee DB integration without agent installation
  • Supports various policy settings such as type, target, service and detailed condition
  • One-click check leakage, detection log, blocking/allowing log
Prior recognition of information leakage
  • Immediate notification to administrators when incident happens based on policy set threshold

Product Line Up

small scale network
medium scale network
large scale network