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e walker swg
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eWalker SWG is not only prevents security threats that use SSL or malicious reasons, but also improves work efficiency with integrated internet access management.

eWalker SWG improves network security using a proven DB containing the latest harmful sites and malware gathered through programmatic and manual analysis. Providing SSL visibility, eWalker SWG is an ideal tool for Internet access management to guarantee network reliability and enhance work efficiency.

Main function

Intergrated Management with Internet Access Control
Malware Site Control
Visiblity into SSL Traffic

Key Benefits

Productivity Increase
  • Helps associates focus by blocking access to non-work related sites.
  • Supports policies applied only during business hours.
Improved Enterprise Security
  • Prevents security threats by blocking access to harmful sites.
  • Prevents data leaks by blocking webmail, messenger, peer-to-peer sharing, file sharing and more.
Encypted Traffic Visibility
  • Supports Decrypted Traffic Zone for SSG traffic decyption.
  • Create a safer network environment by decrypting traffic to your network security appliacnes.

Product Features

Compatible with Standard Security Appliances
Relays Blocking Messages from Other Devices ‘As-Is’
URL Categories Automatically Updated with Most Recent Data
Lagest DB in Korea
Supports a Variety of Rule Based Policies
Private Certificate Creation and Management
Internet Access Control and Intergrated Management
  • Controls webmail, peer-to-peer, file sharing and cloud services.
  • Complete control over Internet anonymizers, Torrent, Messenger, stock trading and other apps.
  • Control sessions by protocol / IP
Highly Compatible with Standard Security Appliances
  • Provides decryption without the need to reconfigure other security appliances.
  • Supports Active (In-Line) mode as well as in Passive (Mirror) mode.
  • Relays the blocking messages sent by other security appliances ‘as-is’ (MPT – Message Pass Through).
SSL Visiblity
  • Provides full SSL visibility on all ports.
  • Supports redirection to the SSL certificate installation page and supports CA installation and management.
Control Access to Sites Containing Malware with SOOSAN’s High Quality DB
  • SOOSAN’s CERT team analyze malware and contribute to the DB
  • Connected with Korea Internet Security Agency’s DB of malware.
  • Conneted with Korea’s #1 security corporation, SK InfoSec’s malware and harmful site DB.
Supports a Variety of Rule Based Policies
  • Provides control and blocking functions for each web site category based on refined URLs.
  • Policies can be configured for personnel as well as other network users and can be managed by groups.
Easy Management
  • Includes a web based management console for easy management.
  • Includes online hep for administrator’s convenience.
  • A variety of traffic and statistical reports are supported.

Implementation effect

Proven Reliability
  • An eWalker SWG based system provides optimal stability.
  • With quick technical support, you can rely on eWalker SWG.
  • Production proven at several customer sites.
  • With Korea’s largest database of malware, eWalker SWG provides a safe service.
Gain Visibility into Encrypted Traffic
  • Block web-based security threats with guaranteed visibility into encrypted traffic.
  • Prevent infection via malware or ransomware.
  • Allows standard security appliances to fully respond to encrypted traffic.
  • Network security and stability can be enhanced with eWalker SWG.
Increase Business Productivity
  • Block sites not related to work including stock trading, internet shopping and messenger apps
  • Block potentially harmful and file sharing websites.
  • Improve your resource utilization and internal traffic distribution by reducing unnecessary traffic.

Product Line Up

small scale network
medium scale network
large scale network