Devices Authentication Service

a network service created by traffic analysis

From 2005, with Top4 Telecoms in Korea

Internet Service Provider platform-based, high-speed Internet additional service for customers using multiple devices.

Service Overview

Utilizing SOOSAN INT’s filtering technology, the Device Authentication Service provides management for Internet sharing by PCs and other devices at Internet endpoints. DAC provides additional access for two or more devices when users have a single Internet subscription.

With patents related to the Device Authentication Service, SOOSAN INT provides DAC in partnership with the top ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Korea. Our partnership was established when the service was launched in 2005 and continues today.

Service Features

Improves network quality for high-speed Internet subscribers
Internet access for multiple devices at lower rates
Only a small and economical network configuration required
Network can be used without changes on individual Internet lines
Uses network traffic filtering to distinguish the terminal’s layer


Terminal authentication

Service in Operation